Spinning bowl (made to order)

Spinning bowl (made to order)


Please note wood types with an asterisk cannot be shipped internationally due to CITES regulations.

These spinning bowls are approximately 1 7/8" (4.8 cm) in diameter and 1" (2.5 cm) tall. The spinning surface has a small ridge designed to keep spindles from jumping out of the bowl and is also able to hold a tealight candle.*  The neoprene non-skid surface on the bottom is very effective at keeping the bowl in place when used on slick surfaces such as table tops. 

Metal tipped spindles are not recommended to be used with wooden spinning bowls such as this one as they can damage the spinning surface.  This bowl is compatible with all Woodland Woodworking spindles.  It may be compatible with other spindles depending on the shape of the spinning tip.

Please note the spinning bowl pictured is olivewood and is not a photo of the bowl you will receive.  The bowl you will receive will be very similar to the bowl pictured in the wood of your choice.

Please allow up to two weeks for item to be shipped.  If the chosen wood is in stock, item will typically be shipped within one week.  Shipping is free if ordered with another item.  

*If using as a candle holder, be sure to only use a tealight candle as these candles have a metal base to catch any melted wax.  Melted wax may ruin the spinning surface.